History of Pearl                                                                                     The luminous pearl is June’s coveted birthstone. This enchanting treasure originating from the sea is a timeless wardrobe staple, beloved by fashion icons including Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel. The pearl has been beloved by royals throughout history. Queen Elizabeth the First is adorned with huge pearls in many of her portraits. Cleopatra was said to have two of the largest pearls in the world in her possession. Legend has it that she dissolved and drank one of them at the world’s most expensive banquet. The other pearl was cut into two pieces and placed in the ears of Venus in the Pantheon at Rome                                                    Science of Pearl                                                                                          Pearls are organic gems that form inside the tissue of a living mollusk (either an oyster or a mussel). The mollusk secretes a substance called nacre when an irritant such as a piece of sand or a parasite invades its shell. The mollusk continues to secrete layers of nacre, until the nacre-covered speck becomes a pearl. This process usually spans the course of two years.Pearls come in an abundance of sizes, colors and shapes, which are determined by the unique conditions in which they form. Natural pearls are rare; cultured pearls are divided into freshwater and saltwater varieties in controlled pearl farms around the world. Cultured pearls are formed by inserting a bead or a piece of mantle tissue into the mollusk. It is estimated there are approximately 100,000 species of mollusk, but only 14 are used to produce cultured pearls.

Pearls - June Birthstone - Check out the facts and lore of Pearls and see a few of the many styles available for purchase or you can create your own style in store with our 3d printing design center. More styles available in store.

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PENDANT INFORMATION                                  Item Number 25009                             Gemstone : Black Pearl                                     Diamond Carat Weight : 10cttw                      Color Grade : G                                               Clarity Grade :  SI1                                             Metal :  14kt white          Metal Wgt : 2.7gm  
 EARRING INFORMATION                                    Item Number 25001                            Gemstone : Akoya Pearl                                      Diamond Carat Weight :                                Color  Grade :                                                Clarity  Grade :                                                  Metal :  14kt yellow          Metal Wgt : 3.0gm  
 PENDANT INFORMATION                                      Item Number 24297                            Gemstone : 6mm AkoyaPearl                              Diamond Carat Weight :                                Color Grade :                                                  Clarity Grade :                                                  Metal :  14kt yellow          Metal Wgt : 1.7gm  


 PENDANT INFORMATION                                    Item Number 29664                            Gemstone : 14ky Akoa/prl                           Diamond Carat Weight : .10ct/DIA ring             Color Grade : G                                               Clarity Grade :  SI1                                             Metal :  14kt yellow          Metal Wgt : 1.2gm  
 EARRING INFORMATION                                    Item Number 24998                            Gemstone : 5mm Akoya Pearl                            Diamond Carat Weight : .02cttw                        Color Grade : G                                                Clarity Grade :  SI1                                              Metal :  14kt yellow          Metal Wgt : 1.2gm  
RING INFORMATION                                
Item Number 29834                          
Gemstone :
Diamond Carat Weight :.09D                        
Color Grade : G                                               Clarity Grade :  SI1                                             Metal :  14kw prl          Metal Wgt :